• All things nature - our beautiful tall gum trees, shrubs, vines, native plants, vegetable gardens, citrus trees, flowers, seed pods, leaves, insects and our bee hives. We have a small dam where ducks and water birds come to relax amongst the reeds.  
  • My family and the beautiful place we are lucky to call home.
  • The extensive works of William Morris, John Dearle and the Arts and Crafts movement.
  • My love of history has a big influence on my work. I love Medieval and Jacobean tapestries and motifs the best.
  • Living a slow, purposeful life through the seasons.
  • Experiencing the different cultures, sights and sounds during our travels through Australia and around the world with the people I love.
  • Books! I inherited my love of books, book stores and libraries from my father. I have a habit of buying any book that takes my fancy and have filled a wall in our lounge room with books covering many topics.

I seem to find inspiration wherever I go. I'm the one in the group that is strolling at the end of the line taking photos of the flowers in the garden or the pattern created by the pavers, and not necessarily focussing on the main attractions.  From colourful fallen leaves in the gutter to the spider web that's been spun between branches in a nearly tree, I love it all!

Inspiration is everywhere!

Why I Create My Patterns